Linux holds great promise. Thanks to its flexibility, open source nature and reliable nature, it promises to remain an influential player in computing for many years to come. As its popularity increases we may soon witness more systems using this operating system.

Linux has rapidly gained in the enterprise environment due to its cost effectiveness, scalability and security benefits. Companies are taking note and increasingly opting for Linux as an affordable and powerful alternative to costly proprietary systems – we anticipate seeing even more businesses switch over soon enough!

For The Future

Linux holds great promise as an affordable, scalable and secure computing option, and is expected to play an increasingly significant role in computing for years.


Cloud computing will only heighten Linux’s popularity further; Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform run Linux-powered cloud services and this trend will only serve to further solidify it as the dominant OS of choice for cloud providers like these two services.

Linux will remain an essential element of the Internet of Things (IoT). As more devices connect to the web, Linux will provide its support as an operating system that underlies them all.